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My passion is photography.

Every since being handed an old camera photography has been my true passion in life.

Making photographs is as essential a part of my being as breathing or eating. It is one of the necessary functions of living. My constant desire to make photographs is actually the urge within me to capture a moment of time of my world, just as I open my eyes to give substance to my sight.

Photography must first and foremost be loved; it must come from the heart and it must be directed to the heart. Otherwise it cannot hope to be a lasting, indestructible art.

My love of adventure and travel has always been coupled to my photography. My camera motivates me to the higher peak, to travel greater distances. A sunrise or sunset, a landscape is so much more beautiful when my camera is by my side.

Working with You

I am dedicated to making sure that each shoot captures each individual family in a way that is special to them - no two families are the same, and no two photo shoots are the same. I  work around your habits and your family’s routines, and include your favourite activities so that your pictures reflect who you are and what your children enjoy

The purpose of my photography is to create natural, relaxed pictures of your children that capture their personalities, providing a lasting reminder of a moment in their childhood both for you and for them for years to come. By photographing on location in your own home, I am able to capture images of your children in their own environment, reflecting who they are and showing them having fun in their favourite places.

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